Tennant M30

Eliminating the complexity of traditional sweeper-scrubbers.

A fully-integrated scrubber-sweeper, the M30 is engineered for dependable, industrial-strength cleaning when scrubbing, sweeping or doing both at once.

Maximize your productivity

Built with a rugged steel frame, long-lasting Duramer construction, and ISO 9001 certified quality manufacturing, the M30 is a machine you can depend on every day of the week.

Dramatically Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Without compromizing safety or performance, we’ve reduced the total cost of ownership for machines that both scrub and sweep. With two brushes instead of four, EasyOpen service access, and 14% fewer parts, the M30 is one of the most efficient, industrial cleaning machines available.

Safer for your operators, customers, and employees

Protect your operator, your customers, and your facility with Tennant’s exclusive ErgoSpace operator compartment, FaST® scrubbing technology, Ech2o checmical free cleaning, hygienic cleanable tanks and Grip-N-Go corner rollers.

Large Integrated Scrubber-Sweeper

  • Ech2o chemical free cleaning
  • Superior results in just one pass – with FloorSmart integrated cleaning system
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership without compromizing safety or performance
  • Reliably clean up to three times longer than conventional scrubbing with FaST

Cleaning path

Cleaning path
1,220 mm
With scrubbing side brush
1,575 mm
With sweeping side brush
1,625 mm

Cylindrical main brushes

Brush speed
480 rpm
Brush down pressure (up to)
177 kg
Brush diameter (2)
305 mm

Side brush

Brush speed
150 rpm
Scrubbing brush diameter
410 mm
Sweeping brush diameter
535 mm


Solution tank
284 L
Solution capacity with ES®
379 L
Recovery tank
360 L
Demisting chamber
76 L

Debris hopper

Volume capacity
198 L
Weight capacity
295 kg
Dump height (variable to)
1,525 mm

Vacuum fans

Scrubbing fan speed
11,000 rpm
Scrubbing fan water lift
890 mm
Sweeping fan speed
6,500 rpm
Sweeping fan airflow
8.2 m3/min

Propelling System

Propel speed forward (variable to)
13 km/h
Propel speed reverse (variable to)
4.8 km/h
Engine-gasoline/LPG (1.6 L)
41 kW
Engine-diesel turbo (1.5 L)
30 kW
Transport at gross weight
8.0 deg/14%
Working (cleaning)
8.0 deg/10%
Ground clearance (transport)
80 mm

Machine Dimensions

2,745 mm
1,475 mm
Rear squeegee
1,500 mm
With side brush
1,625 mm
1,475 mm
With overhead guard
2,135 mm
Weight (empty)
1,815 kg
Minimum aisle turn
3,175 mm