Tennant T16

Battery-powered rider Scrubber

Less expensive to operate and maintain
The T16, equipped with Tennant’s exclusive scrubbing technologies, is engineered to be up to 20% less expensive to operate and maintain than traditional scrubbing methods based on acquisition cost, consum- ables, maintenance, and Tennant’s traditionally higher resale value.
The highest quality materials and parts go into every T16 to ensure solid construction and extend the performance life of the machine.
Whisper quiet operation
The quietest machine in our industrial rider scrubber line, the T16 allows unobtrusive cleaning anytime of the day and anywhere in the building. operating at just 68 dBa, the T16 won’t disturb customers, employees, students, patients or visitors in noise-sensitive areas.
Enhanced operator safety, comfort, and ease of use
The T16’s unparalled design provides an intuitive and operator-friendly experience. Simple patent-pending Touch-n-GoTM control module on steering wheel instills confidence and allows the operator to safely focus on keeping both hands on the wheel even while changing scrub functions. exceptional visibility and outstanding operator comfort offer enhanced control and safety.


  • Ech2o chemical free cleaning
  • Achieve up to 20% lower cost of owner- ship with Tennant’s quality construction and innovative technologies
  • Clean anytime, anywhere with the whisper-quiet T16 at 68 dBa
  • enhance productivity and safety with unparalleled user-friendly design and Touch-n-GoTM controls

Sustainable Solution

Tennant’s ec-h2oTM technology electrically converts plain tap water into a powerful cleaning agent without any added chemicals. as a result, ec-h2oTM poses no harm to the environment or to the people using the technology. The T16 with ec-h2oTM technology can pay for itself in chemical cost savings over its lifetime. ec-h2oTM:

  • Cleans as well or better than traditional methods
  • Saves money and improves productivity
  • Increases safety and promotes health
  • Reduces your environmental impact



Cleaning path
36 in
910 mm
With scrubbing side brush
45 in
1,145 mm
With sweeping side brush (cylindrical only)
46 in
1,170 mm
With dual side sweep brushes (presweep only)
46 in
1,170 mm
Disk scrub head
Down pressure weight (variable to)
250 lb
114 kg
Brush diameter (2)
18 in
460 mm
Brush motor (2)
1.0 hp
0.75 kw
Cylindrical scrub head
500 rpm
Down pressure weight (variable to)
200 lb
91 kg
Brush diameter (2)
8 in
205 mm
Brush motor (2)
1.0 hp
0.75 kw


Solution tank
50 gal
190 l
Solution capacity with eS®
75 gal
280 l
Recovery tank
60 gal
225 l
Demisting chamber
10 gal
38 l
Vacuum fan
0.75 hp
0.56 kw
14,000 rpm
Water lift
65 in
1,650 mm

Propelling System

Propel speed forward (variable to)
5.6 mph
Propel speed reverse (variable to)
2.5 mph
Propel motor
1.6 hp
1.2 kw
Transport at gross weight
8 deg/14.1%
Working (scrubbing)
4 deg/7%

Machine Dimensions

74 in
1,880 mm
41 in
1,040 mm
Rear squeegee (hard width)
42 in
1,070 mm
58 in
1,475 mm
With overhead guard
82 in
2,080 mm
1,100 lb
500 kg
With standard 235 ah batteries
1,900 lb
860 kg
Minimum aisle turn
83 in
2,110 mm

Sound Level

Operator’s ear
Disk: mode #1
68 dBa
Cylindrical: mode #1
71 dBa
(Sound pressure level tested per iSo 11201 as recommended by the aaCem and oSha)